Alignment and Natural Movement

Body alignment is the study of the interrelationship between body parts, as well as between those parts and the ground and the gravitational force. Alignment science considers how particular body positions change the various loads and forces generated within the body. Changing the position of your pelvis can make your hip bones more or less weight-bearing and lifting or lowering your rib cage changes the compression of the discs in your lumbar…

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Movement Matters: 21 Ways To MOVE For Your Holiday Meal

Movement Matters is a book of essays that weave the seemingly unrelated threads of exercise, food, sustainability, and human rights into one rope. Then I pull (and pull and pull) on that rope, which is attached to your mind and mine. I didn’t write it to be a comfortable read; Movement Matters is one of my forms of activism. It’s direct, but in a super-compassionate, non-judgmental way, because no one is perfect,…

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How to transition out of a mattress

This post was updated October 2018 to share my ongoing sleep-environment journey and to add a few more transitioning steps. I sleep on the floor. I didn’t always do this, I started in a bed like most of you reading this did too. But, over the last five years I’ve been trying to move more of my body as well as need less corrective exercises for movement I haven’t been doing. Thus,…

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Pressure-deforming Movements

I’m interested in all movements missing in a sedentary culture. This is different than classifying people as “exercisers” or “non-exercisers.” I’m looking to quantify (or at least qualify) all of the most common human movements humans experienced until very recently. Recognizing a squat or a leap as movements that fit into a hunter-gatherer movement model is pretty straight forward, but what’s harder to see are the smaller movements experienced through thermal regulation,…

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Why I Went Furniture-Free

This post from July 2013 was updated and republished to reflect our continuous household modifications. Hi. My name is Katy and I live in an (almost) furniture free house. Ok, not really. My house isn’t entirely furniture free, it’s really just couch and easy-chair free. We have tables and art and a stove and fridge and cupboards and bookshelves. Over time the tables have gotten lower (so no kitchen or dining room…

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Foot School

This is an updated version of a post from 2012. I created a “foot movement” lesson plan for my niece and nephew six years ago. When asked to teach some natural movement classes for our local school co-op this week, I couldn’t resist dragging it out and expanding it! For those of you out there wanting to increase the movement opportunities for your home or family, or for those looking for movement…

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