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Please read through this page before you contact us—here we address many types of inquiries and whom you should contact for each!

For Tech Support

First read the Tech Support FAQs below—what you need is likely there! Nearly all of the tech support we give via email is easily found here.

I bought an Alignment Snack, e-book, or movement webinar, and I don’t know how to access it. Where is it?

A link to your purchase is emailed to you automatically at the email address you used for your purchase. If you cannot find it, check your spam or junk folder, or your “promotions” tab if you use Gmail. Allow up to an hour for the email to arrive. Alternatively, you can click the “Log In” button in the upper right at, where you’ll see your purchases. Click on the “view order” button and you’ll find a link to your purchases. Please note that most downloadable or streaming products require a password that is different from your account password, and they are provided where you find the links.

I am trying to log in with my account, and it’s saying I don’t have an account. I know I created one, what’s going on?

It is indeed possible you have two accounts. Your Nutritious Movement account allows you to access your downloaded exercise videos, courses, and books. The other account is to our scheduling software for onsite MYDNA workshops, retreats & classes. Although you may have chosen the same email and password for each login, they are hosted on different platform, thus require separate logins.

Can I download exercise videos to my iPad/iPhone?

While you can download our videos to your PC and synch with your iDevice via an application like iTunes or Dropbox, Apple's mobile operating system (iOS) is not set up to allow you to download directly to your device.

I bought an e-book and I can’t open it.

You’ll need an e-reader to open an electronic book. On a computer, there are many options, such as Calibre, Mobi Pocket Reader, Stanza Desktop, and Sumatra PDF. On mobile devices, iBooks (on iOS) or Kindle are the most commonly used apps. Also on mobile devices, the folder will need to be unzipped first with an app such as iZip, then opened in the reader app of your choice. Please note, you have two different formats of the book; if you use a Kindle app, choose the file that ends in .mobi, and if you use iBooks, choose the file ending in .epub.

What’s the difference between the Alignment Snacks and the Aligned and Well Titles?

Snacks can be streamed (viewed online) or downloaded to your computer. Snacks are taught as a class to follow along with, while A&W titles include exercises that are explained and demonstrated.

What is your return exchange policy?

Still not finding what you’re looking for? Please send an email to

Note: We aim to respond to your email the same business day you sent it. Business hours are on Pacific Time.

Media/Bookings Request

Speaking Engagements

If you would like KB to speak at your live event, please include as much information as possible, so that we can best consider your request. Please note: Katy is not currently doing any online summit presentations. Email

Media Inquiries

For print, radio, or other interviews, please include as much information as possible, including deadlines, so KB can best consider your inquiry. Email

Podcast Guests

While the Move Your DNA podcast currently features guest interviews, guests were pre-planned and booked based on a series of interviews chosen for a specific purpose. We are not currently accepting guest requests or booking guests, but we do appreciate your interest.

Private Exercise Sessions

Katy is not currently offering private sessions or personal advice. Please see our “Find an Instructor” page to find a local or Skype instructor who can easily assist you!

Product Reviews

While Katy greatly appreciates you’ve created something amazing, she doesn’t review or accept free products.

Book contributions

It takes a lot to write a book and Katy is happy to support authors however she can, as time permits. Please note, she requests you have a familiarity with her work enough to know that having a blurb by her makes sense for your book and also that you send a paper copy for review. Email

Research contributions

Katy is happy to contribute ideas or review your academic work as time permits, but her own work precludes her from brainstorming on your behalf. Please send the ideas you’d like her to consider feeding back on!

There appears to be an assignment “contact a biomechanist” in many Kinesiology programs. Katy’s answers are below—feel free to use.

1. What influenced your decision to become a biomechanist? And how did that morph into what you do today?

I had originally studied math and physics, but found the application too narrow. I had recently—at 18 or so—discovered a joy of movement. One day I stumbled upon a Biomechanics option at my university (I had never heard the term before), and changed majors. Finally, a pursuit of study that blended my academic strengths and interests!

2. What is your educational background? What kind of professional development is required for what you do?

B.S. and M.S. in my field. Not sure if there is a field-wide set of requirements. Movement science, kinesiology, is a rare field in that it is the umbrella of many different types of science that range from social science to pedagogy to physiology to mechanics. I, personally, stay on top of my field via tons of reading (mostly research papers).

3. Who is your preferred and/or targeted clientele?
Working on a smaller scale, I worked primarily with those post-therapy, or who didn't qualify for a PT referral but were in dire need of exercise prescription. Now, because my work is viewed a very wide population (hundreds of thousands), my preference is to teach to the missing movement for all.

4. Are there any emerging specializations in this field?

Mechanotransduction, nanotechnology, and biophysics.

5. What is a typical day like for you?

6. What is your philosophy of movement in working with people? How do you approach people who may be very skeptical about your work?

Move more, move more of you, move more, move more of you. If people are skeptical, I have them detail their argument and which portions of my arguments need clarification, and then I clarify.

7. What professional organizations do you belong to?


8. What else should I know about pursuing this kind of career? What professional development would you recommend someone who is interested in becoming like you go through?

Study, apply, read, apply.

General FAQs

Have a general question about Nutritious Movement? Make sure you’ve read the ABOUT page.

I’m interested in teaching restorative exercise. How do I certify?

Thank you for your interest! In 2016 we decided to close our certification company to new students in order to focus on the students we have. The demand is high, and we understand—movement teachers are in desperate need of excellent content and Nutritious Movement offers information here you can’t find elsewhere.

While we understand this, we realized we’re a tiny a company built upon a single person’s work, and our priority is to get as many people moving as we can (vs. becoming a company producing tens of thousands of teachers). Students that enrolled in 2016 were the last certifying class—you can find currently certified teachers on the “find a teacher” page of our website.

While certifying with us is no longer an option, there is a large percentage of content that all teachers training with us needed to take—and this is still available to you. Download a list of books and courses here where you can find much of the information you’re looking for.

What are some good minimalist shoes for me or my kids?

For our most complete resource of shoe companies, there is an appendix in the back of Whole Body Barefoot with a comprehensive and categorized list. There are also three blog posts with lists, but keep in mind these aren’t kept up-to-date.

The things to look for are flat and flexible soles, wide toe boxes, and shoes that fully attach to your feet (as opposed to flip-flops or clogs that don’t hold on to your foot well). For kids, water shoes are often a good inexpensive choice!

How can I find a practitioner?

Find all of our certified instructors here.

If you cannot find a practitioner near you, see our list of instructors who offer private sessions via Skype here.

I have a specific physical condition I’d like to address. How can I find out which products and exercises pertain to my situation?

First of all, search our pre-assembled collections of products and information to see if you can find something that pertains to you.

If you don’t find what you need there, then start by reading Move Your DNA, and get the Movement One-A-Day DVD.

The beauty of the Nutritious Movement™ program is that it reminds us what our bodies are capable of, and gives very specific instructions on how to work toward those goals. For most people, working on these “Movement Nutrients” while paying attention to the specified boundaries is a safe way to progress toward better health. Many injuries and symptoms we have are specific manifestations of our bodies’ adaptations to modern living, but the end goal is the same for everyone.

If you’re concerned about how to modify exercises to accommodate a specific ailment or condition and can’t find the information in the product itself, we recommend working with one of our teachers at the center, local to you, or online to make sure you’re working toward health.

Can I purchase bulk books at wholesale pricing for my office or classroom?

For Simple Steps to Foot Pain Relief, please contact
For all other books, please contact

Have you already read through the list of FAQs above to make sure your question isn’t answered above? For all other inquiries, please email

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