Does exercise require equipment?

Does movement require special exercise equipment? It doesn’t. In fact, you likely have everything you already need to get started. Exercise equipment is great, but it’s usually not a requirement. In fact, you probably have great stand-ins lying around your home. Equipment designed for movement definitely has benefits: it can help us move, or move us, in very specific ways. Most importantly, exercise equipment likely sends us a signal to exercise. When…

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I love movement and I love celebrating, thus I always strive to create movement-rich celebrations. For years, I’ve done a movement advent calendar at the end of the year as a thank you to my readers, and as a way of inspiring people to move more in their daily lives. No fancy equipment, just us moving joyfully together during a busy time of year. In 2017 I picked “You Do Know Squat”…

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Back to (Body) School Challenge

Friends, I’m a huge nerd. I love school, and back-to-school, and September. I get sad EVERY YEAR I don’t have a new Trapper Keeper and silver LA Gear high tops. There’s a lot about school I loved, most of all the new things to become aware of—and I love assignments. I LOVE ASSIGNMENTS! And, I also like measuring things. So, thinking on all of this—that it’s September, and I want to go…

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This Blog in 2017

This is the first year I’ve put a garden to bed. Not surprising, as this is only the second year I’ve had a garden. When it comes to gardening I really don’t know what I’m doing, but (also not surprising) I’m going for it anyway. I don’t feel I must know how to do something perfectly before I actually do it—I’m more of a hands-on learner. I find I can’t actually grasp…

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The Books I’ve Written

I’ve written numerous books (eight, at this point) and I’m often asked “Which book should I read first?” This question is difficult to answer because we’re all in a unique place physically, have individual foundations of knowledge, and have different reasons for reading. Movement is a very large topic and not everyone approaches it with the same intention; some people are drawn to one of my books because most contain helpful exercises for various…

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Movement Matters: Children’s Books and Things

I’m getting ready to officially close my blog. It will stay available, but I will close that chapter of my service over the remainder of 2016. Before I go off-blog, I’ve written this and two more posts to help  integrate the content of Movement Matters into your own life should you wish.  Movement Matters covers a lot of ground, but if I had to sum the book up with one (compound) word…

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