Does exercise require equipment?

Does movement require special exercise equipment?

It doesn’t. In fact, you likely have everything you already need to get started.

Exercise equipment is great, but it’s usually not a requirement. In fact, you probably have great stand-ins lying around your home.

Equipment designed for movement definitely has benefits: it can help us move, or move us, in very specific ways. Most importantly, exercise equipment likely sends us a signal to exercise. When you see a piece of exercise equipment out in your living room, it likely reminds you to do some sort of movement. That all being said, if your intention to move is already flowing, you don’t need specialized equipment to facilitate the exercises or program you want to do.

Here are some things I swap out:
Instead of a dome, a rolled towel or mat.
Instead of a block, a stack of books.
Instead of a strap, a belt, tie, or scarf.
Instead of a bolster, a sleeping bag or bundled blankets cushions.

I use different equipment for the exercises in my books, videos, and online streaming classes. If you want exercise equipment or feel it will assist you in the ways I’ve outlined, you can find it in our shop and/or at your local equipment retailer, but…BUT, don’t let a lack of it become a barrier to your movement! It’s truly not necessary to get moving.

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