Are you ready to start moving while you learn?

Our books provide the blueprints for better movement, but for many it’s tough to learn how to move solely from books.

This is where our new Virtual Nutritious Movement classes come in! For readers who are keen to apply the theory but can’t attend live classes at our Movement Center in Sequim, we are now taping our classes and streaming them into a private, members-only video library. Once you join, you have access to all the videos and can stream them whenever you wish. (Sorry, no downloads. For downloadable classes see our Alignment Snacks.)



When you click here, you are leaving and heading to a separate website for these Virtual Membership Classes! One person per membership, please.

A monthly membership fee of $30 USD gives you full access to all of the classes. New classes are added monthly.

  1. Use any device to view the videos. As long as you have a good internet connection, you can stream the videos on any connected device. Use your desktop, laptop, phone, or tablet. If you can easily watch a YouTube video, you can use your setup for our videos.
  2. View our videos whenever you’d like. You control the pace of your practice. Perfect for stacking your life in the way that fits your schedule and responsibilities.
  3. Suitable for all levels and all bodies. As you know from reading, our approach is a whole-body one. While there are classes targeted for various body parts or skills, the idea is to strengthen your entire body over time. Plus, all the classes are gentle and suitable for various activity levels and ages.
  4. You can cancel at any time. Give it a try and let us know what you think–but rest assured you’re never locked in. (Here’s how to cancel!)

Try this sample class, for free!



When you click here, you are leaving and heading to a separate website for these Virtual Membership Classes! One person per membership, please.

Take the power of movement back into your own hands!



What are these classes like?

These are exercise classes taught by Katy Bowman, at the Nutritious Movement Center Northwest, to the general public. Before ordering one of these classes, please view a sample class here to get a sense of the class format and recording quality.

These classes were recorded in a warehouse-studio on an iPhone, produced and edited minimally. The sound is a bit echoey, background noises include toddler screams, freight trucks unloading, comments and questions from students at the class. Katy may move out of the frame occasionally. The class is taught to the students who are there, in person, so it is not made as a perfect presentation to the camera. You may hear Katy responding to a question that you couldn’t hear.

In other words, this is more like looking in on a live class with Katy, and less like a polished exercise video. As you would expect, the classes are excellent, casual, fun, mind- and body-opening. These are the type of classes that Katy built her career on, and that she most enjoys teaching. Keeping the production value low means these classes can be shot and put up on the web quickly and easily, so we can keep making them easily accessible to you.

If you would prefer a more polished exercise video, Nutritious Movement offers plenty of those too; just click here.

If you happened upon this website indirectly, read more about Nutritious Movement here.

Should I have read all the books before starting these classes?

Reading the books is not required for the classes. However, the classes are presented assuming a baseline of knowledge gathered from reading through Katy's blog posts and Move Your DNA (i.e. the framework for the exercises). We have found that the effectiveness of the exercises depends on the understanding of the largest picture. Contact your local library to see if they have copies of our books (or find them here). We suggest having at least Alignment Matters and Move Your DNA under your belt as sort of a movement primer!

How do the Virtual Membership Classes differ from Alignment Snacks?

The instruction style is very similar. However, Alignment Snacks are a one-time purchase and you get that class to keep forever (you can stream or download). The Virtual Membership Classes are a library that you have access to as long as you subscribe. Also, Alignment Snacks are each 30 minutes long and the Virtual Membership Classes are closer to an hour. The library of topics and exercises will eventually greatly surpass those currently available as Snacks.

How is the class library organized?

The classes show up in the order they are uploaded. You can see a one-line description of each class to help you choose which one you want to watch.

Is there any way to download these classes? I have to pay for my data and it’s expensive to stream.

No, these classes are all streaming-only. If you’d like to download classes, check out our Alignment Snacks series!

How often should I participate in a class?

As often as you’d like! We recommend one class per day.

What equipment do I need for the classes?

You can usually make do with things you have at home. The items used most often are a half foam roller (rolled towel), a yoga block (phone book), a bolster (sleeping bag or couch cushions) and a yoga strap (belt or scarf). You can find the specific equipment used in class here.

Some classes use inflatable exercise balls. A 55cm ball should work for most people 5’6” and below, and a 65cm ball for those over 5’6”.

Are the classes streamed live only, or can I watch a replay?

The classes are all pre-recorded; we don’t have live-streaming available at this time. All classes can be replayed as many times as you’d like.

Where do I log in to my classes?

Virtual Classes are not hosted on this site; you do not log in to the Nutritious Movement website. Instead, you can find a button to the library website on the header of this page or use this link:

Is the monthly subscription based on a calendar month, or calculated from the date I enroll?

Your monthly membership starts the day you enroll and renews each month on the same date.

How do I cancel my subscription? Will I still have access to classes obtained during my membership after I cancel?

At the bottom of every page of the membership site, there is a link to cancel your membership. You may cancel at any time, and you will have access to the classes until your paid month is over.

How many classes are added monthly?

Because Katy's schedule varies month to month, we can't guarantee the number of classes beyond an average of two a month. It is our intention to record at least one class a week, so in many months we'll be adding one a week. However, sometimes Katy has to travel for up to six weeks at a time. In these cases, we'll have some classes ready to go, but it will be less than in other weeks and months.

I can’t play the sample class. What should I do?

Try switching to a new browser, or make sure that your current browser is fully updated.

I’m in the certification program. Can I use these classes as part of my required coursework?

You can use up to 15 classes as part of your required Year 2 courses.

Can I share my membership with a friend? What are the terms of the membership?

One person or household per membership, please!

Virtual exercise class memberships are billed monthly using the credit card information you've provided. You can cancel any time. Each membership is for a single person/household. Please don't share your membership with others. Information given in classes may not be copied, recorded or redistributed without written permission.

Movement is not inherently dangerous; however, every person is starting from a unique place. Consider our suggestions on reading before beginning classes and consult with your personal health care team about the suitability of these classes for you, personally. Statements made on this website or in classes are not meant to replace or negate medical advice, and no one should use them that way. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership with your health professionals.

What if I have a question about any of the exercises, or modifications, or contraindications?

Unfortunately we are not able to assist with individual exercise instruction via email. For private sessions, we refer you to our program graduates who do offer online one-on-one assistance: