Road Trip Boot Camp

Moving 1200 miles is a huge flurry of activity followed by about a billion hours of sitting in a car. Because I feel about sitting the way others feel about smoking, I lobbied (and won!) for no more than four hours of driving a day, and no more than two hours at a time. I want to feel human when arriving at our new life, and more importantly, I want The Kid to have no iota of a glazed look in his eye or any atrophy in his brand new muscle tone.

The solution?

Mini park-boot camp style movement sessions for all of us to shake off the cobwebs in our joints and heads. I made a quick video to show a sample of a few different stations you can do that target the hips and hamstrings and help open up the chest and shoulders. And no, you don’t have to do this on the road. In fact, go out and do it right now, spending a minute at each station and cycling through each exercise a few times. Do it for me, will ya?

I also have piles of work to get done during my mandatory sitting time. This work includes:

  • Final book edits (due Tuesday).
  • Writing an article (deadline August 15th).
  • New book proposal.
  • Call to change paperwork to new address.
  • Write a hamstring-stretching blog.

So far, this is what I have done:

  • Ate a box of strawberries.
  • Gave myself a manicure.
  • Eaten 3 granola bars.
  • Gave myself a pedicure.
  • Write this blog.

Oh, and I have also enjoyed listening to the radio. Country music stations, mostly, where I happened to hear this song, Rain is a Good Thing, which is basically a mathematical proof with a nice melody.

Here are some lyrics:

Rain makes corn.

Corn makes whiskey.

Whiskey makes my baby,

Feel a little frisky.

Therefore: Rain is a good thing.

Nice. It turns out math class comes in handy even if you decide to write country music songs for a living.

Ok. Back to sitting.


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20 thoughts on “Road Trip Boot Camp

  1. Great post Katy, thanks for the video. Hope the rest of your trip goes well. My kids love that song, although I’m not sure it’s the most appropriate one for a 3 and 5 year-old to sing!

  2. Love it! [and he DOES exist! Thanks for the baby scene :>)] I’m not sure which I would consider to be worse – sitting for the billion mile road trip, or the fact that you’re traveling at covered wagon pace… I just “pinned” this on Pinterest!

  3. Love the informative and high quality videos on your recent posts. Wow, you are on the road already, have a good and safe trip. Will miss you here in California, keep us posted how you are doing in Washington.

  4. Still looking forward to that hamstring stretch post. I’m so tight I can’t even stand up straight with my foot against a pole, unless I twist one hip forward. I’ve been stretching everyday this summer, but I’m not feeling much progress.

  5. Great timing!!! I’m leaving on a 1000 mile trip, Michigan to Colorado, this week. We’ll be driving more like 10 hours per day. Ugh!! But I will be doing those stretches at every gas station and rest park. My part time job is embarrassing my children! Well, they’re used to it. And least I get to fly back. Safe travels, Katy! And, wow, what an adorable strong little baby!! 🙂

  6. Yay, thanks for the Finn sighting! Love those exercises, on my way out the door to show my neighbors what I am all about 🙂

  7. Hey Katy Lady, Driving does a body bad….my hamstring and psoas are still recovering from my last road trip three weeks ago….I love your 4 hour max drive time commitment, that’s definitely going to happen next time I get out of dodge….plus all the lovely stretches you demonstrated….love love ya’ll….

  8. Brings back fond memories of those bootcamp classes I took with you just over three weeks ago! Hope you had/are having a safe trip up north and can’t wait to see you in December!

  9. As usual, wonderful blog entry & v useful video!

    What I would love is advice for coping with the 22 + hours air flight in economy class between London and Sydney, Australia. There is a short stop to get off in Singapore but it’s back on the plane after a couple of hours.

    Baby looks adorable – has a great mother.

    Jilly in London

    1. Oh my — well, I’ll be flying with The Kid for the first time in a week — how about I make an airport video? 🙂

  10. On my way back to Charlotte, NC from Florida…next stop I will try your stretches. Thanks!


  11. Thanks for the video.

    Why is it important to keep the knees vertical while squatting? Is it ok to do regular squats without keeping your knees vertical? Also, whats the best way to bend to pick something up from the floor? With a squat or a bend from the waist? Thanks alot for the beneficial information.

    1. You’re welcome! Check out the post (it was a couple back) about moving stuff — it explains about vertical shins. All squats should at least try for vert shins — if they aren’t vertical, you’re not using your bum and it can overload the low back. Let me know if you can’t find that post!

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