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Chronic headaches, foggy brain, and even pressure behind the eyes can result from long hours at the computer and a lack of mobility in the neck and shoulders. This is a basic exercise prescription for improving circulation to the neck and head, as well as tips for better typing and driving ergonomics.  The exercises included on From The Shoulders Up video are:

Floor Angels, Crescent Stretch, Rhomboid Pushup, Head Hang, and Head Ramp.

THIS PRODUCT IS  A DOWNLOAD. If you want to download it to your iDevice, first download to your computer and then synch to your iDevice via an app like iTunes or Dropbox. Apple only allows direct downloads to its iDevices via iTunes or other approved providers. Alternatively, you can stream on an iDevice and download onto most other non-Apple devices. Don’t want to stream or download?    Order a physical DVD to be mailed to you instead.


The Aligned and Well videos serve as an accessible introduction to movement habits you might have that can create or worsen the chronic ailments listed for this title. Each video contains five prescribed movements (Rx…ercises™) you can do to improve circulation, waste removal, muscle and bone strength, and overall health. The exercises are suited to people of all fitness levels, and are effective without being strenuous. Katy Bowman also provides additional information on simple changes specific to these ailments you can make to your daily life that will improve your health. Each video runs approximately 40 minutes, which includes a bonus lecture found on every title. Includes a printable exercise program.


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