There are many ways you can begin—here are
a few different paths to get started!

Start small

Alignment Snacks and DVDs

Identifying small, sedentary areas within the body is key to moving more comfortably. Our Aligned and Well DVDs have five simple, effective exercises, for the brand-new layperson who wants an easy start. The Alignment Snacks are short exercise routines packed with more movements and explanations—great for novices and movement teachers alike. Search these titles to see which match the body area you want to start with.
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Read the theory

Move Your DNA

Read (or listen to) Move Your DNA to learn the larger context for the smaller exercises. You will start to look at your daily life a little differently and think differently about “exercise” in a new way. Pairs beautifully with the Alignment Snacks and also contains 70 exercises.
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Personal Training Kits

We have so many books and movement videos!
To help you go deeper into your own body and intentions, we’ve put together these kits.

1 For feel-good feet

Foot pain is one of the main barriers to people moving more, and strong feet are essential for so many moves! Start addressing yours via the knowledge and exercises in our two books on feet and shoes, the Fix Your Feet DVD, and a half dome.
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2 Age Dynamically

We’re all aging, and we can all work to do it a bit more dynamically. A paperback copy of the bestselling Dynamic Aging, “Get Your Balance Back” DVD, a cotton yoga strap and foam half dome will get you nicely on your way!
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3 Core Fundamentals

We love a healthy pelvis around here! Diastasis Recti is our book about the core/trunk/torso and pressure-related issues, like pelvic organ prolapse, some pelvic pains, hernias, and of course, diastasis recti. Full of exercises, Diastasis Recti pairs well with our Healthy Pelvis DVD—a simple routine that moves commonly sedentary areas in the deep hips, legs, and trunk—that can affect pelvic health. Includes dome.
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4 Alignment Essentials

If you’re super-motivated, ready to move, and just need the content, our Alignment Essentials is just that—a high volume of moves and explanations for them, that include all of our foundational pieces. Includes Move Your DNA, Alignment Matters and Whole Body Barefoot, 22 Alignment Snacks, and all your equipment. Perfect for the enthusiastic beginner or the movement teacher wanting to learn more about movement.
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Vitamin Community

Get help and community at the same time

We have teachers who can help you with the moves. Find your closest teacher here. Or find a MYDNA weekend near you, where you join a group of Move Your DNAers coming for hands-on exercise assistance and FUN.

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Long-Time Friends, Go to the Next Level

Virtual classes

A Virtual Class Membership is for those already familiar with some of Katy’s books and want to go deeper—a monthly membership gets you access to dozens of challenging classes, with more added every month.
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