The last 5 months have been a doozy and I have a feeling that the next year is going to be extremely busy for me. So, my husband and I decided that we needed a few down days, as in all the way down. Off the grid. No Facebook, no TV (or even radio) and no cell phones.

In my next book Move Your DNA there is an entire chapter on all the ways our mechanosensors are triggered by our environment. Movement, as you’ll learn (in September, 2014), isn’t only about arms and legs pumping and skeletal muscles firing. Some of your body’s movements are too tiny too see, giving an entirely new twist to the term “whole body movement.” I can’t wait for you to read it.

We decided to take our sabbatical at Joshua Tree National Park. This is where I’d typically insert a cool picture of our family bouldering or an amazing sunset. However, the ban on technology included the use of cameras and any recording devices whatsoever — a special clause especially for me — as it turns out I can turn even the restiest of resty rest into some sort of “lesson for the people.” Swapping rest for TEACH is my bag, and my ego and I are working on it, thanks for asking.

Here’s a picture of a Joshua tree on a mug I bough. After day three I was contemplating “leaving the Internet behind forever” and becoming a potter.


My ego and I are over that idea, in case you were wondering.

As you can imagine, the inability to work means that you get ALL YOUR BEST IDEAS, which I could do nothing about. And now I’m in Ventura, CA doing a certification week, and making all the final touches on the Move Your DNA manuscript. Writing a book is a lot of work, which shocks me every time.


Sixty thousand words and 100 pictures and illustrations, a full chapter on the pelvis and squatting, and a picture of me with giant glasses. So, because I don’t have time to do a movie or write a full post, I decided to swipe a few items from my inbox that I though you might find interesting.

Did you like the game Risk? Do you enjoy games involving world domination? How about interesting motivations to get you walking? This is a Kickstarting campaign for an App (click) that allows you to claim geographical territories by walking around them. Play against your friends.

But if this App sounds like too much work (all that walking???), you can get the “Do You Have A Flag” App instead, which allows you to drop your personalized flag icon wherever you feel like on your GPS and regularly informs you that you have won. (Comes with earplugs and blinders.)

“Hi Katy! Maybe you can answer my question…. so why do people (me) sometimes get that pain in their side when doing a cardiovascular workout such as running or swimming? Then if I push through the pain it eventually subsides…. what exactly is that and how can I prevent that from happening??
I don’t know and back in school, the theories behind exercise related transient abdominal pain ranged from mineral issues to structural loads being placed on the diaphragm by the motion of the organs. Which doesn’t explain why it happens when swimming (also common). What you are describing is commonly called a side stitch. Here’s a link on Wikipedia to help guide you if you’d like to read more.

Dear Katy,
I kept avoiding doing my stretches because my toddler would not leave me alone! Finally I realized I just needed to ignore him and stretch anyway. After a few days, I realized the results were too hilarious not to be recorded. So I made this time-lapse (one photo every second) of our morning routine.


Dear Mother of this amazing child: You win for “my favorite submitted video of all time.” Prize still to be determined, but I’m sorry to say it doesn’t include unlimited babysitting. Here’s her blog post with more deets (click).

Seriously Katy, my EYE muscles are sore.
Hopefully I’m not the inducer of your eye-rolling (?) injury.

Do you recommend any people on the east coast? PTs or biomechanists who may have worked with you? Possibly in NY? Thanks.
It will thrill you (I hope)to know that I’m redoing my websites to be less confusing and less offensive to those with better aesthetic than I. Until then, you can visit my current site for a list of program graduates in your area.

According to book (pg. 69) “Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby”, author explains the reason why babies like to be swaddle because babies nowadays are born earlier compared to other PRIMATE babies. And the reason babies are born earlier is because as the PELVIC BONES developed to support an upright posture, they became narrower. What’s your take on this? I don’t understand what the author means by “upright posture.”
The narrower pelvis theory was an earlier idea since proved otherwise (that babies aren’t coming earlier because of pelvic width, but at a point where the mother can no longer support the metabolic demand of the baby). Here’s a little layman article explaining more: http://www.theguardian.com/science/2013/jun/30/childbirth-metabolic-rate-obstetric-dilemma. This should also make “upright posture” more clear.

What humans like is different that what humans need, and I think we can all come up with 10 examples (easily) on things we and our kids like/love that aren’t beneficial to our/their physiology. As for “should a baby be swaddled,” I don’t think that is answerable for every child because it depends on the other 99% of the child’s experience.

“Should THIS baby” is different than “SHOULD BABIES.” Should all babies eat? Yes. Do all babies require being swaddled in blankets in order to develop? Not sure. How does that bode for the eons people were blanket free? OR in places where no blankets exist now? Is there something that swaddling gives a child — pressure, warmth, etc. — that is necessary, but that would be even better if packaged in a different way?

Last month I posted on Vitamin D as being over-identified as a replacement for sun.

Vitamin D is not a substitute for sunlight. It might capture a portion of all that sunlight is, but it is not a replacement when it comes to disease. In my next book I’m trying to capture the essence of this sentiment, using research like what I’ve linked below here. In our desire to simplify nature into the “nuts and bolts” we can duplicate while keeping separate from nature, we miss the obvious picture: part of the thing is not the thing.

Here’s a research article that inspired my post: UV radiation suppresses experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis independent of vitamin D production.

What other aspects of being in the sun are we missing when we supplement, thinking we’re getting it all?

So, back to swaddling: Is swaddling supplementing an aspect found in holding (read: warmth, pressure)? What if you could package pressure and warmth with the freedom to be mobile? Would this be a more complete way of getting a baby what it needs? Just a thought. (Oh, and Paleo Parenting is now up and available here click.)

I was up all night with food poisoning, so I’ve got to go catch up on a little work before heading out to teach the peeps.


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18 thoughts on “Tired

  1. We have a camping spot, about two hours from home, with no cell signal and the break is so nice. Haven’t gone completely without tech. but it’s mostly photos, a little reading on the Kindle, and the occasional kid-distracting bout of “Ginger the Talking Cat”.

    LOVED the video… that is my life. I don’t know that I’ve ever gotten a kick to the face, but the 23# 16-month-old does like to sit on me and bounce like I’m his trampoline. They’re still fighting over the BOSU, Katy.

  2. That video just made my entire day! LOVE IT! Not as exciting at my house since the kids are grown, but the dog gets into helping me do double calf stretch, like standing on my feet, laying on me…. Guess all creatures, great and small, want to be aligned!

  3. What a hoot that video is! You’re an inspiration, mamma.

    (and what a cute babe you have!)

  4. LOL – that video is exactly what happens when I try and stretch with my 5 month old pup around! Too cute! Glad you enjoyed your time away, sorry you had food poisoning -UGH.

  5. re swaddling, I think it is child/person dependent. I can tell you my son was born at 33 weeks and even in the NICU HATED being swaddled. I was only allowed to visit him twice a day. and each time they would take him out and swaddle him. one nurse would tell me how she was the best swaddler EVER and he would squirm and turn RED and cry if I didn’t get that blanket undone. I had to do it secretly because everyone and their mother and all the nice nurses think ALL babies LOVE swaddling. and for my nephew, he did. but my son, even with colic, hated it. he still hates blankets at age 6 – will kick them off all night if I put them on him – and is always hot. (sorta funny because he was in the NICU mostly because he couldn’t regulate his body temp and you would think swaddling kept him warm) You need to get some redmond clay and/or activated charcoal. I keep both on hand, and they help with all types of stomach ailments. and you can use the clay as a facial. the charcoal to brush teeth…multipurpose! 🙂

  6. There are so many things I love about this post. First, though, I don’t love that you had food poisoning.

    I have three very young children, and none of them loved being swaddled. They were ok with it in the beginning, and then a day would come when they would scream if I swaddled them. That point usually arrives around the age of one month. I was told so many times with my first born that I should swaddle because he actually did love it. Sadly for him it took a day where he cried for two hours (extremely unusual for any of my kids) before I realized *my* child didn’t like it. I do hold my children all the time, and have had many reprimands for spoiling them. I’m ok with that, because they are good children.

    I also loved that discussion about Vit. D! The kind of vit. D our bodies make when out in the sun is different than the kind found in supplements and foods. (Also not very many people know that our bodies make cholesterol when we are in the sun…) that is beside the point. I loved the phrase “part of the thing is not the thing”! Such a brilliant idea, and one we all need to think about more in all aspects of our lives.

    Also, because it makes me feel cool, I know the mother in that video. She is such a fabulous woman.

  7. It’s about time for our family’s techno-break and we’ll head to Northern California to enjoy those redwood majesties!

    That video cracked me to pieces!!!! What a fantastic example that mamma is.

  8. Katy
    I’ve always had an eye rolling habit.. What I’ve not had is a head ramping habit… Until you 😀
    The other day I noticed I was ramping my head, yay! Because my eyes muscles were sore… I’ll admit I was staring at something. But I won’t say what it was. It starts with a T and ends in V.
    ( at least I was ramping my head)

  9. That video is hilarious…that’s why I do any stretching that requires lying down when my 14 month old is sleeping! I can’t handle him jumping on my stomach or climbing on my head when I’m trying to stretch.

  10. Love it! I’m really looking forward to your next book.

    BTW, check out the homeopathic Arsenicum to keep on hand for future food poisoning bouts. It’s saved me from having to clean up both ends of multiple people more than once.

  11. Babies are coming earlier and earlier because OBs have been telling parents that 37 weeks is “full term”. The OBs in Canada have just changed their protocol about this. Between the docs inducing for hangnail (or some other trivial reason), the hospital birth environment which completely depends on which staff are on for the day and which OB is on call, babies in our community are seldom born at full term. The whole “mama is no longer able to support a pregnancy metabolically” is considered sad but normal. Let me go hit my head against a wall now. (see blueribbonbaby.org for Dr. T. Brewer’s answer to this conumdrum which is stumping the traditional (as in medically oriented) birth community) So swaddling? Well, I read somewhere that in the UK, the increase in swaddling is apparently matching the increase in hip displasia, so maybe it’s not such a good thing. I am the go-to Grandma with the ring sling, when our grand daughter wants to be firmly contained in the posture of her choice. I call her my little “hot pocket”. She gets to containment AND the movement, and I think she likes the position she enjoyed in utero,hips and knees flexed, knees to her right, feet together. Can’t do THAT in a swaddle.

  12. Within a few hours of her birth our daughter taught us that she did not want her arms confined as she squirmed to free them from the swaddling. A memory I treasure of her as she is now about to graduate from high school.

  13. I heard on NPR that swaddling is fine for the upper body, but tightly swaddling the lower body can lead to hip dysplasia, which can heighten the risk of osteoarthritis down the road. There’s growing concern among doctors these days. Here’s the link from NPR’s program, “Here and Now”:
    On a video at this link, the doctor explains that birthing hormones that relax the mother’s pelvis also act to on the baby’s body. For the first six to 12 weeks after birth the hips can be particularly loose. If swaddled too tightly, this can lead to long-term damage. Got to leave room for legs to move freely. His video shows three great ways to swaddle.
    And I found this (and many others) through a Google search.
    Any thoughts on this, Katy?

  14. SO loved the video – and not just because I thought it was hilarious (been there, done that:-), but because it demonstrated all the basic exercises:-)

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