This Blog in 2017

This is the first year I’ve put a garden to bed. Not surprising, as this is only the second year I’ve had a garden. When it comes to gardening I really don’t know what I’m doing, but (also not surprising) I’m going for it anyway.

I don’t feel I must know how to do something perfectly before I actually do it—I’m more of a hands-on learner. I find I can’t actually grasp the numerous details and explanations laid before me until I have some experience to compare them to. For example, I can follow gardening instructions more easily once I’ve actually been in my garden.

What I gathered this year is, putting your garden to bed in January (because you were too busy writing books to do it earlier) is not recommended. It turns out that the ground freezes hard (as do the bags of fertilizer you buy from the farm store), which makes putting it to bed almost impossible. Still, I put it to bed anyway, for the practice, and next year I’ll know to do it sooner, i.e., I’ll do it better.

I’ve never once said, “If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all,” for if I did, I would get approximately nothing done.

“Doing the thing” is part of “learning the thing.” “The thing” is a category of various attempts, each one allowing me to compare an instruction to my experience and, oh yes, of course, see how a slight adjustment makes a difference. “Doing the thing” gives me context for the instructions. Without actually doing the thing, I just mull and rearrange the instructions in my head. I end up not doing the thing, and sometimes I look back to find that I inadvertently spent all my time “learning about the thing” without ever doing it. The thing, I mean.

After that last paragraph, the fact that this is my final Katy Says blog post should bring you a certain amount of relief.

As many of you longtime readers know, writing a blog is one example of my learning while doing. When I first started blogging, I was writing for people in my courses. The posts were sort of shoddy and sarcastic. I didn’t know that much about communicating with a group via writing and I wasn’t always clear on what I was trying to communicate. I had to get writing in order to learn how to write. Now, ten years later, I’d like to think I’ve learned quite a bit about communicating my ideas—how to give not only a more concise presentation (i.e., with better word choices) but also a presentation that reaches people with varying backgrounds (and not just students in my course).

In my enthusiasm for thinking and thus writing about movement, I’ve often had to be still. Despite a dynamic work space, having “blogging” on my list alongside “post daily lessons on social media,” “write eight books in five years,” and “record your bimonthly podcast” has resulted in more stillness (and indoorsness, and screen time) than I require, as I’ve gathered from the aforementioned thinkings and writings on movement.

Understanding movement (in the academic sense) is my job. And the more I’ve come to understand movement, as well as myself, the more I recognize that I must do the thing in order to learn the thing. My ability to move is limited by a perception I have, that my job to understand movement is more important that my need for movement. It has taken me a long time to recognize that learning and thinking about movement was my personal way of avoiding it, but now that I see it, I’m ready to take action. Meaning, I’m taking blogging time (and the indoor/screen/out-of-nature time that comes with it) off my plate.

After reviewing my personal mission statement, I’ve found that I can continue to serve others via movement education in less sedentary ways while better serving myself. And while the blog was the garden for many of my ideas, I have to align myself with these other ways. #stackyourlife (Or am I really just getting out of blogging before they become a series of hashtags? #jkjk #oramI #whoknows #nottelling #okaymaybe.)

Here’s what I’m planning to do going forward:

  1. Leave all past articles up on this blog
  2. Better direct people to the numerous books I’ve written
  3. Take a social media break later this year (I’ve put out SO MUCH CONTENT in the last five years, there are hours upon hours to keep keeners occupied)
  4. When I return, take a critical look at my “teaching on social media” time and pick the single-best platform and give it my attention a handful of minutes each week (I suspect it will be Instagram)
  5. Teach movement by moving me and my students (see Virtual Class Membership)
  6. Write my monthly newsletter
  7. Record some podcasts
  8. Write a few more books
  9. Move more outside this next year than in any preceding year

This is feeling like a long goodbye letter. What I should really write is this:

This isn’t really a goodbye letter at all; it’s just me getting into better alignment for the outcomes I desire. Because of YOU, the Katy Says blog changed my life for the better. I’ve learned from you, and your contributions were fertilizer for all my bookflowers, complete with petals, stems, and the occasional thorn. I’d like these bookflowers to bloom for a while before they perish. When they do eventually perish, I will squat down and gather those bent and battered flower-parts and use them as the soil for any new ideas. Perhaps someday I’ll even come back here and plant blogflowers. But for now, this blog is being put to bed in 2017, so I can more easily move through the world. So I can grow myself.

Eternally grateful,


P.S. I am unable to write a piece that does not contain at least one “P.S.”

P.P.S. Hang up.

No, you hang up.

No, you.

I love you.

I love you more.

I love you the most.

Ok, we really have to hang up now.




Are you still there?


Love you.

Ok, bye.

For realz this time.



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33 thoughts on “This Blog in 2017

    1. Could you share it here? I’d love to read it as I’ll be doing the same thing shortly! Much love xx K

    2. Caroline, I read your post and totally agree! I was all set to give up my smartphone too. And then my husband reminded me how it would cost us more per month and I’d have to buy a new phone and possibly a camera. I’m not a big fan of spending money unnecessarily. 😉

      Anyway, I ended up just dumbing down my smart phone for now. As in, no social media apps, no internet browser, and got rid of most of my other apps as well. It’s basically my phone/texting device, GPS, and camera now. Ironically, it hasn’t bothered me at all not to have social media (left that behind completely), but I really do miss being able to immediately look something up online. But I love the library even more, so am replacing my internet addiction with books. Just like old times. 😉

      Love hearing about others moving in the same direction!
      Blessings to you!

  1. Miss you already.
    I’ll always remember finding your blog, and then devoting every spare minute to reading the entire thing.
    Everything changes, and I’m grateful for growing along with you these past (six?) years.
    I’m sure you are often told how much you have changed a person’s life, and I’ll just add me to that list. Thank you for sharing all of your information, teachings, time and self with us through your blog. I feel like we are friends, albeit only virtual and unrequited. I’m grateful and a better person for having found you through your blog.
    Enjoy your family and being outdoors together.

  2. While I will miss your blog, your humor, and your advice, I can completely respect your intention and wish you all the best.

    Glad you are #stackingyourlife and #puttingyourmoneywhereyourmouthis. I’m inspired to do the same!

    Thanks so much for a great blog. I will certainly be back for reading, and there’s always your books.

  3. Wonderful. I’ve been completely and forever changed by your blog, books, videos and other materials. I’m watching you on FB and instagram so I won’t miss what you do post! Thank you!

  4. Re that learning how to write thing? Well, you made me cry, Katy. You made me cry with your words. You’ve also made me laugh lots of times, and you’ve taught me so much. All the best, and may your garden always bloom. xxx

  5. You took my many random thoughts over the years (why do I need a bed? why do I need shoes? why do I need furniture?…) and coalesced them into a way of life. More than a lifestyle, it is a philosophy of living and for that I thank you.
    Wishing you and your family much peace and serenity as you go forth!

  6. Thanks so much! You have started me on a journey to a better version of me and I am grateful.
    Enjoy all things family and nature!
    I look forward to your thoughts when you return!

  7. You have opened up my Western medically and exercise-trained eyes, and my clients ( and family, and MYSELF!), are all benefitting! I am thankful for your perspective and openness, and for the new directions your info is leading me!

    Thank you, and I wish you much Movement and outdoorness!

  8. Thank you for being an excellent mirror for myself: I am the definition of thinking and learning and not doing. And I don’t truly learn this way, I get stuck in my thoughts.
    2017: Here’s to actually doing!

    Thank you Katy. <3

  9. Katy, while I’m sad almost to the point of crying over here at the end of your blog, I suspected there might come a point when you would see this as a need. I always wondered how you give so much to us online and keep up with everything else. You have changed my outlook on many things. Thank you! P.S. I thought you wrote pretty well from the get-go.

  10. Dear Katy
    I would like to add my heartfelt thanks to the pile. I was pointed in your direction as a result of vanity caused by a bit of DR, however I have become so immersed in the whole shebang that I haven’t even thought to check how much better it has for. (Oh but I have noticed I can run for the train without issues now though. Yay!)
    I too am a terrible one for reading and thinking rather than doing, so even though I will miss the blog I am going to take your cue and #movemyfatassbetter #outside.

  11. Loved your blog, love your books. At 67, you’ve gotten me moving more than ever, and I thank you!! Whoopee for future things bright and beautiful!

  12. The PPS almost made me cry, for real. Thank for the years of free material! I’m looking forward to more audio/ video learning and I’m glad you’re not retiring …. yet! I started my movement journey two years ago by transitioning to minimal shoes (found Soft Star shoes through you and I love them! Finally a professional minimal shoe for women) and now I am feeling ready to tackle my hyper-kyphosis. Looking at other things in my life as well after reading Movement Matters. It’s already changing my life. Again, THANK YOU for all you’ve done.

  13. Thank you for your service – this blog is a great legacy and one in which I hope you feel genuine pride.

    And well, as only Douglas Adams can say, “so long and thanks for all the fish!”

    *salutes you*

  14. I hope you’ll choose Facebook instead of Instagram. FB is more accessible for people (i.e. myself) without a smartphone. Either way, thank you for the work you do!

  15. Great last blog post – so much so, that I’m moved to comment here. I’ll admit that I’m currently a bit of a “If I can’t do it right, I won’t do it at all” sort of person, but have come to realise that with this attitude I am missing out on a fuller life. I’m working on transitioning to a “Doing the thing” person. I’ve only recently discovered your work/books/blog/podcasts – and from what I have read so far I find your work, you as a person, your family, your community and your approach to life extremely inspiring and motivating! I have plenty of your material to digest. I’m excited for the progress that I will be making personally, and with my family and my community, towards more movement outside . I’m excited for your return, and look forward to hearing what you have learnt by “Doing the thing” re moving more outside – I’m confident that it will be as eye-opening as ever!

  16. I love this post Katy, I can definitely relate to ‘learning about the thing’ rather than ‘doing the thing’, I recently realised that I have a fixed mindset (rather than a growth mindset) and won’t take on anything that I don’t think I’ll be immediately good at which seems ridiculous now that I know that’s what I’m doing. Anyway thank you so very much for all that you do, it’s truly life changing work you’re doing and you deserve to benefit from your hard work so get outside woman! Thank you!

  17. Thanks for this blog, Katy. When I first discovered it several years ago I read the entire thing! Then all your books. No question it has changed my life and still will. I love you, too!

  18. I can’t even begin to say how you have changed the way I think about movement and my body. I have started a journey that I would have not even thought about years ago. Last week, I took a 9 mile hike, which to a girl who NEVER hiked as a kid, or really went out and did much of anything, was a HUGE deal. Ok, so I over did it a bit this time, but I am so excited to continue this adventure of movement. Thanks for opening up my eyes and my mind!

  19. Beautifully done Katie, both gardens. And you’re so so sweet. Thank you for all you have shared, your knowledge, wisdom, beautiful example and love. I will always look forward to what ever springs forth in your future.

  20. I am following you for a while, have a couple (almost all….) of your books and just wanted to start with your blogs. So I hope in the time I am finished reading everything you wrote, you feel the urge to blog again, or write new books 😉 Thanks for everything! Enjoy your free blog time!!

  21. Katy, thank you!!! Just thank you! I could write a whole book about how you changed my life, but for now it’s just a THANK YOU from the heart and goodbye to the best blog in the world wide web!

  22. Very nice, Katy. We are so different but so similar. 🙂 My big movement credo for 2017 is taking a year off (at least) from social media. What a huge relief! And that feeling of needing to perform for someone, for anyone (for no one?) has evaporated. No more, “I need to get a picture of this for Instagram.” Just enjoying the moments.

    Happy gardening! Thank you for all of your hard work. And I’m sure the best (movement) is yet to come.

  23. Oh, you. Thank you for your generosity and your admirable ability to just be yourself, out there in the open. I heart you, and your work will forever shape my life as I move forward in this world.

  24. Glad this will continue to be available as over the years I confess I’ve not kept up with the groups, the blogs, etc. Whether or not I was otherwise engaged MOVING is another matter entirely but I will ever be grateful for having the opportunity to re-discover my miracle self-healing space ship. Aloha

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