Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear—PAPERBACK


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Also available in e-book and audiobook.

Barefoot enthusiasts say ditching your shoes is essential for optimal whole-body function. Doctors say minimalist shoes cause injury. Who’s right? What if they both are?

In Whole Body Barefoot, biomechanist Katy Bowman explains how both sides are right and wrong by broadening the perspective of over-simplified “shoes are good” or “shoes are bad” arguments. Using evolutionary-based and biomechanics arguments, Katy demonstrates that shoes, in a modern context, have purpose, but that the trade-off for protection can be reduced whole-body health if we don’t pick the right shoes for our body and skill-level.

With over 20 exercises—for more than just the feet—this book is a must-have for anyone hoping to restore lost foot function and improve their health…naturally!

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