Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear, e-book



How can we unlock whole-body movement when our feet have been bound for decades? Is it as simple as kicking off our shoe-shackles and releasing our feet into the wild? Expanding on her first book for feet (Every Woman’s Guide To Foot Pain Relief), Bowman offers “next level” explanations and exercises for the whole family! With over 20 exercises (for more than just the feet!), Whole Body Barefoot is a must-have for anyone hoping to restore lost foot function and improve their health… naturally!

**If you want to read this title on your iPad or iPhone, first download to your computer and then synch to your iDevice via an app like iTunes or Dropbox. Apple only allows direct downloads to its iDevices via iTunes or other approved providers.

Also available in print and audiobook.


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