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Join Katy for a one-hour class that breaks up the motions of the hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders, and shoulder blades. Learn to deal with arm and shoulder hypermobility and how to stretch, strengthen, and reposition the upper body for tension-free neck and shoulders.


3 reviews for Super Supple Shoulders – Download

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Super Supple Shoulders should be your first shoulders video of the series if you’re unsure of where to start. The first 8 minutes Katy takes you through a great overview on the shoulder and its effect on so many systems that may be troubling you from jaw issues, to breathing, hand issues, rib tightness, etc. From there, Katy leads you into assessment exercises that help you define your limitations, all the while opening up better mobility throughout. She is so clear on potential “cheats” that we commonly do to avoid the real stretch, that you’ll be sure to pinpoint exactly how to do it. Super Supple Shoulders is a really informative, solid class that gives you a much better understanding of the whole. Best advice ever? You’ll want to pick two or three exercises and commit to doing them a few times a day for real change. I took the challenge and I’m so much less limited by my shoulders than I was a mere few days ago. Seize the day and feel better.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Laura G (verified owner)

    I have joint hypermobility and my shoulders have been sliding out of place each night while I sleep. I was ready to call my dr to have them put me into physical therapy… but decided to order this first! (Less than my co-pay!)

    My shoulders are doing so much better now! I’m healing injuries and they are not sliding out of place at night!!

    Thank you Katy!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren (verified owner)

    I had been to physical therapy for a rotator cuff injury. I have a wonderful physical therapist who really helped me remove a lot of pain – but was only allowed to treat me for the specific injury that had been diagnosed. Not surprisingly, there were a number of shoulder mobility issues that weren’t directly related to the axis of weakness that I had been diagnosed with. My improvement stalled out after completing PT until I got this video – so many wonderful (or terrible, depending on your point of view) stretches in this. I’ve been doing it every day and even in the first week saw massive improvements in range of motion. Everything feels so nice afterward! I particularly appreciate that Katy constantly gives you details about how things are related and what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

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