Save Your Knees, Build A Butt

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This session was based on an article featuring Katy’s workout plan in Prevention Magazine. The gist of the article: A young woman with two ACL surgeries wants to get in good enough shape to hike far but is hindered by her bad knees. Three top trainers give her a plan to follow for a month and she picks the best.

Katy’s workout won!! Join Katy for this “winning” training session!

1 review for Save Your Knees, Build A Butt

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lauren (verified owner)

    Having already read several of Katy’s books, I was struggling to move my hips back to stack vertically over my heels. I found this SUPER helpful in building some strength to help that happen. I also found the exercise for strengthening the medial quadriceps to be so helpful! I was given something similar in PT for a patella issue but definitely didn’t realize I was moving my pelvis instead of doing the work in the leg. IT IS SO DIFFERENT THIS WAY. I am still working on getting the kneecaps to relax but I actually understand better what that means now. Overall, my knees and legs feel much more relaxed after I do this video.

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