Paleo Parenting: A Biomechanical Perspective



Paleo Parenting is an expanded version of Katy’s presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium, August 2013, and provides information on the rarely considered mechanical environment of infants and children and insights that might  influence the choices we make as parents.

Most people know that lying an infant on their back for extended periods of time can result in a flattening of the back of the head — a mis-shaping of the cranium in response to unnatural loads. This phenomenon of a body being shaped by the mechanical environment is happening all of the time, to all of us, but there is no time when the loads are more important than during those first few years, when the tissues are being set.

Just as a healthy diet is necessary for kids to develop, so is a movement diet rich in varied movement nutrients. Cultural practices are often perceived as “the best” because they are “the norm.” This course explains what a more robust movement profile looks like by offering a cross-cultural perspective as well as the problems with the perspective that exercise is equal to movement.

Parents wishing to support the biological (reflexive) programs for human development and growth can be aided by understanding the relationship between applied forces (pressure, gravity, tension) and physical outcomes — bone shape, muscular strength, and milestones.

Recording of Power Point presentation, 80 minutes.

Bonus material: Q and A from parents attending the live presentation, 40 minutes.

This course is streamed video. You can watch multiple times, there is no link expiration.


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