Don’t Just Sit There: Transitioning to a Standing and Dynamic Workstation for Whole-Body Health—PAPERBACK


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Also available as an ebook as part of a digital multimedia package.

If sitting is indeed the new smoking, then certainly we should quit. But is sitting really the problem, or is something else going on? Is getting better as simple as kicking over your chair and standing all day in front of the same computer, under the same fluorescent lighting, or is there something more to be learned from the data about how people work best?

Don’t Just Sit There explains why swapping one static position for another isn’t taking a big enough look at the problem, and provides corrective exercise and lifestyle solutions to help you safely and effectively transition away from the conventional office set-up, allowing you to reap the enormous benefits of moving more throughout the day while getting your work done. Don’t Just Sit There presents:

  • How conventional office arrangements are capping our level of health and why this can’t be offset with a daily bout of exercise
  • That sitting and screen-time are two different variables and should be treated as such
  • Corrective exercises to sit, stand, and move better without leaving your office
  • How to boost your creativity and energy levels at the office

With clear, science-based explanations, Katy lays out the issues created by conventional office environments, and describes in detail the steps necessary to transition to a more dynamic set-up safely and effectively. With over 20 exercises, this is a must-have for anyone hoping to increase their daily movement and improve their health without sacrificing their productivity.

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