Daily Movement Multivitamin: Download

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The Movement Multivitamin contains all 18 exercises from the original Aligned & Well DVD series arranged into two flow workouts and five alignment makeover tips and is divided into three videos for ease of navigation. Running time: 70 minutes.

THIS PRODUCT IS  A DOWNLOAD. If you want to download it to your iDevicefirst download to your computer and then synch to your iDevice via an app like iTunes or Dropbox. Apple only allows direct downloads to its iDevices via iTunes or other approved providers. Alternatively, you can stream to an iDevice and download onto most other non-Apple devices. Don’t want to stream or download?  Click here to order a physical DVD to be mailed to you instead.




We need high quality movement just as much as we need high quality food. But in our sedentary culture, we’re starving ourselves of the movement nutrients essential to our health. Sore feet, headaches, back pain, aching knees, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease, and so many more ailments can be symptoms of a poor movement diet. With this simple, accessible, and effective Daily Movement Multivitamin, you can give your movement-starved body the supplements it needs to thrive! Includes two movement routines, a posture makeover you can do throughout the day, and a quick alignment re-cap. Suitable for all levels of fitness, from couch potato to endurance athlete.


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