Below The Belt for Men—VIDEO DOWNLOAD



Tech specs below.

Also available on DVD.

Run time: X minutes

Includes 5 easy exercises

The simple, accessible, and effective Aligned and Well series is designed as a great introduction to movement for the complete beginner.

In this video, Katy teaches an easy-to-follow program specifically for men’s pelvic health.

Exercises in this download:

  • Calf Stretch
  • Double Calf Stretch
  • Pelvic List
  • Knee Squeeze
  • Legs on the Wall

Includes bonus lecture and printable exercise program.


Tech specs:


It must be downloaded to a Mac or Windows computer, or any non-IOS mobile device.

To play it on an Apple iDevice, it must be first downloaded to your computer and then synched to your iDevice via an app like iTunes or Dropbox.

Don’t want to download? Order a physical DVD to be mailed to you.


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