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The shoulder joints provide great swaths of movement potential that may be limited due to some tight connecting muscles. In this 35-minute class Katy gently guides your shoulders into many of those swaths.

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There are 22 classes in the Alignment Snack Level 1 Series, each just 20 to 30 minutes long– perfect to squeeze into your day– that deal with various body parts, issues, and topics. Next to each class is a short description of what that class contains.

Katy filmed the Level 1 Series when she was 10 weeks postpartum. They are extremely gentle, yet effective, and they are an excellent way to begin introducing your body to new movements. (Please excuse the occasional yawn and breast-milk stain. All part of real life!)

1 review for Alignment Snacks: Can’t Get Enough Shoulders – Download

  1. Rated 4 out of 5


    I found the “Can’t Get Enough Shoulders” video the most challenging of the bunch. I’ve been working through a tight shoulder for the past weeks and this Alignment Snack remains intense for me, especially that hand behind the back trick. But, I can say that it has all of the great Katy instruction and anecdotes, while moving me closer to free shoulder joints. After a solid week of this class, you will be transformed.

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