Alignment Essentials


Ready to dive in? This kit is for you. Simple and accessible, these materials address the tightness, weakness, and lack of mobility we all—couch potatoes and marathoners and weightlifters and yogis—tend to experience. These materials, full of gentle but challenging movements, will take you from introductory to intermediate movements so no matter what shape you’re in now, you can start moving more, and moving more of you, right away.

If you’d prefer e-books and downloads instead of paper books and DVDs, click here for the digital option.


The Alignment Essentials Kit includes:
Alignment Matters
Whole Body Barefoot
Move Your DNA
-22 Alignment Snacks (digital downloads)
-Movement Multivitamin DVD
-Healthy Pelvis DVD
-Nutritious Movement equipment bag
-cork block
-half foam roller
-cloth strap


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Weight 4 lbs