Fix my PFD ASAP.

I just took the weekend off to visit my family and returned to this freaky statement:  You Have 1048 Emails.

I’m sorry, but, What?

I know, I’ve got a few friends, and I’ve got a city full of people who come to the Institute, and I even have 9 brothers and sisters.  But even if all those people sent me an email, I still would not have 1048 emails.

In what can only be called a Pelvic Floor Frenzy, my inbox may actually be smoking.  And, all I can say is: This is an Exciting Time.  In graduate school, I focused on Pelvic Floor function with a passion that made me look, well, like a crazy person.  My first paper was researching the Biomechanics of Birth (which I’m reworking for publishing purposes…yay!)  My next paper was on the Prevalence of and Effectiveness of Therapy Procedures for Low Back Pain during Pregnancy.

My graduate thesis was Decreasing Risk Factors of PFD Through Exercise, during which, the treatment group was able to restore their lumbar curvature (missing curvature being a risk factor for PFD) in four weeks (wow!).  It was a fun thesis to defend because it was blowing the minds of my department professors (all men, of course) who were like: Yeah, That Makes Sense.  Someone should tell Women.  Yeah, duh.

So, when I say it’s an Exciting Time, I really mean It’s About Time, because I have been working on optimizing Pelvic Floor Function (well, the whole body, really) based on the position of the bones for about TEN YEARS.  The biggest issue in getting the information out has been the fact that the current treatment for PFD is held so dear to many and is woven so deeply into the fibers of Women’s Health, that the resistance is higher than it should be for a scientific community.  But, as more and more women (at least 1048 of them) following the current model of treatment realize it’s not working for them, now seems like a good time to teach The Biomechanics of Women’s Health.  You with me?

So, how do I, whose work schedule barely allows me time to get my car smogged, (the notice has been sitting in my kitchen for 3 months…) answer 1048 emails to women who are ready to hear what they need to do?  Women who are giving birth in the next few months who want the event to be even more magical?  Women who have organs dropping down right now who want to get better right now?


Well, here’s what I am thinking.  I’m thinking I can write a quick list of things to start doing right now that will stop creating forces that make PFD worse or pregnancy harder.  I don’t have time to explain in depth why these things make a difference, but if you’ll take my word for it for the time-being (and it’s stuff like what shoes do to the pelvis, sucking in your stomach, etc.) you can start them ASAP.

I think I will also add an exercise video clip, once a week for you all to master out there.

I understand completely, that most of you are unable to squat because of poor knee health.  And here’s the kicker.  Women tend to have much more ACL and patella tracking issues for the very same reasons they have PFD.  That’s why the two tend to go together.  When I told everyone they needed to squat, it’s really they need to Work Up to doing a squat, which could take you a month or two.   My “Down There” DVD is really the most introductory of the pelvic alignment exercises – no squatting required yet.  If you do the preparatory exercises and then add in the squats and the video clips, you should be on your way to a really great Pelvic Floor, Deep Hip, Deep Abdominal, Knee, and Foot Health program.

And then finally, I am thinking that I could teach a 5 or 6 week video webinar that would teach you all the amazing stuff that’s going on with your pelvis and how to reverse the downward forces you are creating.  It’s a posture, musculo-skeletal, and neurological (brain and nerve) issue, but you would be amazed how easily you understand what it is you are doing that creates PFD and how to stop.  You could take it for yourself, or, if you are a birthing professional, you can take it to distribute the information to your lovely moms-to-be.  I’m thinking low cost.  I’m thinking video, so you have about a 45-minute exercise session, fully modified for all participants.  I’m thinking if you’re interested, raise your hands.  If there’s interest, I’ll see if I can pull it together quickly.

I’ll add your first assignment tomorrow, instead of smogging my car of course.  What’s one more month?

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44 thoughts on “Fix my PFD ASAP.

  1. Katy u rock! Thank u for taking ur time to help other woman. As I received ur blog tonight- I’m reading the book ‘Half the Sky’ and in the middle of the line “more woman die in childbirth in a few days than terrorism kills people in a year”. Its talking about poorer misogynistic countries where woman either can’t receive help because there is none or are not given help simply because they r woman… But here in our own rich woman empowered culture, we r still given the wrong information and the belief that suffering is part of the deal of having a child. Or a vagina. So not true!! So again, thank u for investing in changing these ideas/beliefs so that every woman can make a change for themselves and their daughters and feel more of the beauty of creation!!

  2. Katy u Rock! Thank you for taking time for helping other woman. When my phone let me know u updated your blog on this, I was reading the book “Half the Sky” and in the middle of the line ” more women die in childbirth in a few days than terrorism kills pelple in a year.” Wow. Now of course they are talking about poor, mysoginistic countries where woman cant get medical help when needed because its either not available or simply because they are woman and do not ‘deserve it’…. but even here in our richer woman empowered culture, woman are misinformed and given the belief that suffering is just part of the deal of reproducing. Or having a vagina in general. Not true!!! Knowledge is power, and educating woman so that they can make changes for themselves and their daugthers is not only allowing them (us) to enjoy the beauty of recreating even more, but it can change the medical view and societys view in how we do this. Now wouldnt that be something? Im not saying that its gonna happen before you get that smog test or anything 😉 but it does start here with educating. Ever hear the story of the 100th monkey? So again, thank you for investing yourself for us! And sorry for another long ’email’ for you to read, haha. Im just very passionate about this topic….. and appreciative!

  3. What? Only 1048 e-mails? I think you got off easy there. 😉 Figure that for every person who e-mailed you, there were probably dozens or more who didn’t but thought about it. (I think whoever looks after the Aligned and Well site is probably lucky their contact form doesn’t work, too, or they’d’ve been swamped as well. LOL)

    I’d love to see a quick list of things we can do right now. And consider my hand raised for the video webinar idea — I’d definitely be interested.

  4. Please. I would really like this information online, as your DVDs are not shipped overseas. I am in Sweden.

    I’ve already started a few things you have on YouTube and have felt a good difference after just 2 days, so I am excited to learn more!!

    Sooo happy that this info is finally get out! I’ve always known that Kegel’s weren’t the right thing to help out my problems, I just didn’t know WHY. 😀

  5. Katy, you are sitting (figuratively and literally) on a gold mine. Sit down (or squat), write a plan for your ideal life and then go do it. The world is waiting for you.

    And thanks.

  6. This is much appreciated! I want my stress incontinence to be history! I’m also a singer and voice teacher who has spent years working on kinesthetic awareness, Alexander technique, etc. The information on the “Down There” video was a revelation. I’ll be working on my students’ calves and hamstrings when addressing breath and posture issues a lot more. Thank you!

  7. Oh, oh, oh, oh, raising my hand high! I want to learn more and share with my many friends who are very interested and in need.

  8. Wow!I am so fortunate to have you here in Ventura Katy. I’ve never taken your teaching or presence for granted, but didn’t realize you are now world reknown. Atta girl!

  9. My hand is up! And if you want to gather before/during/after data for your videos from someone with prolapse, my hand is up for that too. Maybe that would help you break down the resistance from the scientific community.

    I am actually on my way to my 5th visit with my 3rd ob/gyn to discuss prolapse and I’m hoping he has something new to say (besides do hundreds of kegels every day, think very hard about having more than my one baby and eventually get surgery).

    So far you are the first hope I’ve had in almost a year. Thank you!

  10. I was recently dx with Pelvic Organ Prolapse and then immediately “shamed” with the “Were you doing your Kegels?” So. Frustrating. No lady…I’m 51 years old and in my young years I gave birth to three huge babies, one of which broke my tail bone and tore me to the max. I have hyper-mobile, narrow hips that relaxed several inches the minute my body realized I was pregnant too. Everything considered I’m probably doing fantastic! I know it can be better than this, and I want it, so bring it on, Katy!

  11. This is absolutely amazing, you are reaching so many who need what you have to offer, Just do it!!! I’ll go get your car smogged for you, really!

  12. Thank you for all your information. I vote FOR the webinar too.
    I am also interested to know if you would consider traveling to Vancouver, Canada and leading a workshop for those of us who need your information? I understand your time constraints, but would love to hear back from you
    Thanks again.

    1. Laurie,
      I will be doing a lot of travel, teaching workshops throughout world. Please contact me if you’re interested in having this course at your facility 🙂 – Katy

  13. From the dearth of male comments, my gender must think they are off the hook for this malady. Au contraire, mes amis. Maybe our organs can’t “fall out”, but PFD for men manifests itself in other ways, I’ll bet. My hand is up, Katy. I would like to know squat.

    1. You are correct, Jacques – in women their PFD is noted by incontinence, prolapse, etc. In men, their PFD would have compressed (and inflamed) prostates, decrease in sexual function. No fun all around.
      And for all of you who don’t think you have a PF issue, how is your low back or sacroiliac pain?

  14. I would definitely be in. I’ve been linking everyone I know to your site. It’s revolutionary when it should just be common knowledge. Thank you for everything.

  15. Oh, also, I’m thinking maybe you should start picking out what you are going to wear on Oprah, because I predict you will soon be getting calls for the daytime talk show circuit soon if you haven’t already. 🙂 This is stuff women want to know like yesterday. And of course, you rock, so…

  16. I am excited about what I am reading!

    Is there hope for someone who has bad knees? Squats are painful for me because I have torn cartilege under my kneecaps. Squatting causes lots of popping and pain. How can I/should I modify so that I can benefit from squats.

    I need to get this video!

  17. I’ve been amazed the last few weeks at the amount of women who are in dire straights with their bodies. Thanks, Katy, for giving these women hope and a somatic solution to their issues.

  18. This sounds great! Since reading your interview with mamasweat last week, I’ve been checking your blog daily hoping for more information!

  19. I lived with POP for 9 years until I finally had reconstructive surgery last year. I’m so glad I found you! I have your Down There DVD and am raising my hand for more pelvic floor health care information for myself and my clients.

    One question: Are there any PF exercises that are beneficial or is it best to avoid them altogether? Post surgery I was taught by a pelvic floor specialist PT to do “core exercises” instead of kegals. In these I draw up my pelvic floor while my lumbar is slightly arched and my lower abdomen is drawn in holding for 30 seconds. ( Really hard for me to do!) I stopped them when I found your info. Please help me to clarify this.
    Thanks So Much for all you are doing! I’d love to help pass it on!

    1. Karaina, the exercise you refer to is a Transverse Abdominal activation and should be fine to continue. You do want to make sure that you fully exhale as you draw in, and while holding, attempt to breathe normally. That should clue you in to whether or not you are using the correct muscle or “sucking” it in!

  20. You, go girl, count my hand raiised!

    You are on the leading edge in body structure health – knew it from the first class. And can testify by the changes that continue to occur in my body, less back pain, less foot pain (no longer use my orthotics also), rotator cuff mobility coming back and is it my imagination or are those hemorrhoids getting smaller – I think so.

    You rock. The world needs to know of your discoveries. I agree with whoever said “write a plan for your ideal life and go to it . The world is waiting for you!”

    As one person you can just stretch yourself so far teaching, training and lecturing around the country. Reproducing yourself training others to do what you do.(as I know you are) and have them spreading this wonderful work is such a good start.

    Kudos, galore!

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  22. Do you have information about pubic bone dysfunction too? I suffered greatly with excruciating pain in my pubic bone during pregnancy and spent tons of money at the chiropractor with very fleeting relief. It is one of my biggest worries for any future pregnancies.

    1. Emily –
      The malalignment of the pelvis, whether it is the right/left side of the pelvis, sacrum to pelvic bone position, hips to pelvis, or spine to pelvis, will result in some pathology. Read through the info an follow the same exercises and tips, they work for all alignment issues – I’ll be posting more too! Let’s get you to the point where you go into a pregnancy with 100% joy and not any worry! – Katy

  23. I tend to wonder whether the new fitness gluteal cues are beginning to cause a lot of these problems. I notice things like “really squeeze the glutes”, “tuck the pelvis”, and drive the hips forward seem to be really popular in the fitness world nowadays to strengthen the glutes. An idea, which has validity, unfortunately in my opinion with those kind of cues lead to future ramifications…

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