Squat Exercise Advent Roundup

I’ve done an exercise advent the last few years, and this year I picked “You Do Know Squat” (you can listen me talk about my decision in this episode of my podcast)! Below you’ll find all 24 posts–feel free to use them as a daily routine or in conjunction with the exercises from the You Don’t Know Squat and You Still Don’t Know Squat posts. Enjoy!   #SquatAdvent DAY 1: Ok friends,…

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You DO Know Squat – Podcast Episode #91

In which Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet that honestly, she’s not surprised she had a felt advent calendar instead of one with chocolates. OVERVIEW: 00:52:00 – Why talk about squat? (Jump to section) 00:08:15 – Let’s Move!  Squat style! (Jump to section) 00:12:12 – Joy, Butt Fibers, and Belgian Chocolate? (Jump to section) 00:13:39 – Movement Advent 2017 (Jump to section) 00:14:39 – Podcast Break – Where to Hang out With Katy and Modeling Wellness (Jump…

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Movements matter…even the ones in public bathrooms – Podcast Episode #90

In which Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet how a chance encounter with a copy of USA Today in a Whole Foods bathroom changed her understanding of movement, and why it matters. OVERVIEW: 01:23 – Katy telling it like it is in Movement Matters. (Jump to section) 05:47 – Movement Matters – Katy’s plan of action. (Jump to section) 09:14 –  But it IS an exercise book!  (Jump to section) 12:45 –  All…

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Diastasis Recti…it’s for anyone who has a torso! – Podcast Episode #87

In which Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet why Diastasis Recti is the perfect title for this book, despite what some contest judges may think. OVERVIEW 00:00:39 – Looking forward to New Zealand.  Jump to section 00:01:19 – What is a Movement Matters Retreat? Jump to section 00:07:53 – Diastasis Recti – Complete? Jump to section 00:09:52 – Should the book have a different title? Jump to section 00:16:26 – “Think” – Corrective Exercises are not the solution. Jump…

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Back to (Body) School Challenge

Friends, I’m a huge nerd. I love school, and back-to-school, and September. I get sad EVERY YEAR I don’t have a new Trapper Keeper and silver LA Gear high tops. There’s a lot about school I loved, most of all the new things to become aware of—and I love assignments. I LOVE ASSIGNMENTS! And, I also like measuring things. So, thinking on all of this—that it’s September, and I want to go…

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Under Pressure – Podcast Episode #83

Calluses. Most of us have them, but do you really know why they are? Katy makes this mailbag a one-question-only show by peeling some research down to the layers that answer the question, giving us some valuable insight which is more than just skin deep. Turns out, we’ve all got skin in this game