Your Feet Through the Years – Podcast Episode #106

Katy reads three of her favorite essays from Alignment Matters on feet and foot health, and offers a State of the Minimal Shoe Union address, with lots of tips for transitioning well to minimal shoes. Find out why she cut the feeties off her kids’ feetie pyjamas, and why she doesn’t recommend flip flops, except for by the pool. OVERVIEW 00:04:00 –  Alignment Matters Essay #1 – If the Shoe Fits –…

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Walking the Talk – Podcast Episode #98

Katy Bowman and Ben Pobjoy on how moving your body can also move your community. OVERVIEW 0:02:10 Reader Question #1 – Movement and your voice? – Jump to section 0:06:40 Meet Today’s guest – Ben Pobjoy– Jump to section 0:09:11 How Ben started moving – Jump to section 0:12:28  Walking to work and stacking his life– Jump to section 0:15:10 Walking and making a difference with sandwiches– Jump to section 0:19:15 Put…

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Squat Exercise Advent Roundup

I’ve done an exercise advent the last few years, and this year I picked “You Do Know Squat” (you can listen me talk about my decision in this episode of my podcast)! Below you’ll find all 24 posts–feel free to use them as a daily routine or in conjunction with the exercises from the You Don’t Know Squat and You Still Don’t Know Squat posts. Enjoy!   #SquatAdvent DAY 1: Ok friends,…

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It Starts With Feet – Podcast Episode #85

Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet why she’s written two books about feet, and why she could easily write a bunch more. Overview 00:04:46 – Why two books on feet? Jump to section 00:12:17 –  What you wear on your feet is a whole body issue.Jump to section 00:17:51 – Cellular Deformation. Jump to section 00:24:07 –  It’s not about balance. Jump to section 00:27:12 – Podcast Exclusive foot relief tip! Jump to section 00:34:39…

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Under Pressure – Podcast Episode #83

Calluses. Most of us have them, but do you really know why they are? Katy makes this mailbag a one-question-only show by peeling some research down to the layers that answer the question, giving us some valuable insight which is more than just skin deep. Turns out, we’ve all got skin in this game

Movement Mailbag – Podcast Episode #74

It’s MAILBAG TIME! Your questions are answered by Katy and Dani in this episode. Rhythms and movement, bone shapes, kid feet and pelvis tucking. Woot! Music   DANI: (Makes noise)   KATY: Are you cutting paper… sounds like you were … you’re just all like shooooo   DANI: I’m ripping paper (laughs)!! Oh my gosh.       KATY: Welcome to the Katy Says podcast where Dani Hemmat, that’s you,   DANI:…

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