Movements matter…even the ones in public bathrooms – Podcast Episode #90

In which Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet how a chance encounter with a copy of USA Today in a Whole Foods bathroom changed her understanding of movement, and why it matters. OVERVIEW: 01:23 – Katy telling it like it is in Movement Matters. (Jump to section) 05:47 – Movement Matters – Katy’s plan of action. (Jump to section) 09:14 –  But it IS an exercise book!  (Jump to section) 12:45 –  All…

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DON’T JUST SIT THERE … but don’t just stand there either – Podcast Episode #86

Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet that the way we work now is probably killing us, and we might want to maybe move a little. OVERVIEW: 00:00:54 – Katy tells the highlights of her summer Jump to section 00:06:09 – All about Fidget Spinners Jump to section 00:11:27 – The making of Don’t Just Sit There Jump to section 00:19:10 – Lightening Round – It’s really is pretty simple. Jump to section 00:21:05…

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It Starts With Feet – Podcast Episode #85

Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet why she’s written two books about feet, and why she could easily write a bunch more. Overview 00:04:46 – Why two books on feet? Jump to section 00:12:17 –  What you wear on your feet is a whole body issue.Jump to section 00:17:51 – Cellular Deformation. Jump to section 00:24:07 –  It’s not about balance. Jump to section 00:27:12 – Podcast Exclusive foot relief tip! Jump to section 00:34:39…

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Katy Bowman tells Stephanie Domet about Dynamic Aging, the sassy septuagenarians with whom she wrote it, and why it’s really a book for anyone who has a body. Overview: 1:12 – What are Katy’s goals for the summer? Jump to section 5:44 – Why Dynamic Aging is resonating so hard? Jump to section 11:05 – Positive Reinforcement and Walking Jump to section 16:44 – Dynamic Aging is about changing your Mind Jump to section 32:18 –…

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Under Pressure – Podcast Episode #83

Calluses. Most of us have them, but do you really know why they are? Katy makes this mailbag a one-question-only show by peeling some research down to the layers that answer the question, giving us some valuable insight which is more than just skin deep. Turns out, we’ve all got skin in this game